Naiqian Zheng (郑乃千)

School of EECS, Peking University (北京大学信息科学技术学院)

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About me

I am an undergraduate in school of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science in Peking University (2018-) and a former participant of Physics Olympiad (2015-2018).

I am advised by Prof. Xin Jin and Prof. Tong Yang. My research interests are System Building, Data Center Networking and Dataplane Programmability.


  • LightGuardian: A Full-Visibility, Lightweight, In-band Telemetry System Using Sketchlets
    • [NSDI’21 (to appear)] Yikai Zhao, Kaicheng Yang, Zirui Liu, Tong Yang, Li Chen, Shiyi Liu, Naiqian Zheng, Ruixin Wang, Hanbo Wu, Yi Wang, Nicholas Zhang.


  • [2020 Fall] TA, Introduction to Computer System (a PKU course based on CMU 15213).


  • [09/2020 - 01/2021] ByteDance Inc., computer networking research and development.


  • Invited talk on Research Seminar of Turing Class, PKU
    • Hot Topics in Networks, a Data Center Networking System’s Perspective


  • [01/2021] Start research on system advised by Prof. Xin Jin.
  • [12/2020] LightGuardian is accepted by NSDI’21.
  • [11/2020] Give a long talk (Hot Topics in Networks, a Data Center Networking’s Perspective) on Research Seminar of Turing Class.
  • [09/2020] Start Research Intern at ByteDance Inc. on networking.
  • [02/2020] Start research on network advised by Prof. Tong Yang.
  • [06/2019] Enter Turing Class 2018.
  • [09/2018] Enter Peking University to study computer science.